Pyrite Gemstone Stretch Bracelets - 4mm

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Card reads: "The Fire Within. The word “pyrite” is derived from the Greek word, pyr, which means fire. Wear this stone as a reminder of the fire that burns inside you-the one that pushes you and encourages you to do your very best, even when you think you might fail. Let it remind you of just how powerful you are."

Designed using natural, semi-precious stones, free from dyes, these bracelets stretch to fit most wrists. 

From Our Customers...


Stella Violet is perfect for moms on the go! I always find clothes that aren't "too much" but are still so cute at the same time!

Lauryn Robertson
Lakewood, Colorado

As a mom of two kiddos under 6, it's hard to dress up and feel good about myself. Amanda's shop has helped me find the right clothes that have made me love myself again. Highly recommend!

Mi'chel Ramsey
Denver, Colorado



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